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About Us

DOTS FOR ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES was working in the Egyptian market since 1985 as a “technical center for engineering industries” machine shop specialized in manufacturing and repairing all kinds of oil sector requirements such as joints, flanges, pipes threading (etc…).

Due to the rapid increasing demand for our services and products from many respective oil companies; we made a swift moving to a wider facility area fully equipped with most updated machinery and equipment and we are now proudly registered at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) with number 106/25-08-2013 as an approved API machine shop.


To be the biggest brand name in the oil sector; providing local and foreign market with defects-free products complying with international standards, Satisfying Customer Needs, Requirements and Expectations.


DOTS For Engineering Industries CO. will provide the timely delivery of products whose performance and appearance are in accordance with our tradition of high manufacturing standards.

Recent Works

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Trusted Partners

DOTS is committed to make a positive difference with there success partners through providing a high quality of work and to provide innovative manufacturing and service solutions to meet customer requirements.

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