Test Stumps

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DOTS manufactures test stumps for Blow Out Preventer (BOP) , which are often used for drilling operators at off-shore and on-shore drilling rigs to test Annular type of BOP for locking mechanism test and sealing mechanism test. Different arrangements like API ring joint flange connection and clamp-hub connection are used for installation of

Offshore Drilling Riser

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Dots is now the largest manufacturer of offshore drilling risers in Egypt. DOTS offers a variety of high-strength tubular steels for riser systems in X70 (sour service) steel grades of up to 100 ksi yield strength (non-sour service) that exceed industry quality standards. DOTS is capable of fabricating drilling riser till 18

Flange-Unions Crossovers

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DOTS manufacture Crossover flanges in various sizes and pressure ratings (2000 PSI to 15000 PSI). Crossover flanges have end connection that differs from one to another in nominal size and pressure rating. Crossover flanges are designed to avoid the bolt fit up fouling. Basic material of construction is alloy steel. However, stainless

adapter “spacer & drilling spools”

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DOTS manufactures Adapter and drilling Spools in all sizes and pressure ratings. Adapter Spools have end connections that differ from one another in nominal size and/or pressure rating. Buyers may specify any combination of end connections as well as overall height or length (OAL). When specified “minimum height (or length)”, DOTS Adapter Spools

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